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24th of August is Independence Day of Ukraine. We congratulate all Ukrainian people!


We congratulate all our ladies, clients and partners with New Year and Christmas, and wish you to find your true love in 2020 year!


There are many new profiles in our catalog. Women of all age ranges, so every man can find appropriate woman.


We congratulate all our ladies, clients and partners with New Year and Christmas, and wish you to find your true love in 2019 year!

At present time

Total women's forms in online catalog: 869.

Total amount of women's forms reviews: 2936363.

From time of our site's opening 265 woman of our agency has been married.

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Individual tours

Some agencies offer collective tours to various CIS cities where participants are a party to so called "socials". The organizers of these tours present the invited men dozens, sometimes hundreds, of women seeking a husband in the West. The most intimate and delicate affair in your life – the search for a soulmate – changes from a romantic and strictly personal adventure, to a collective show where one part of entrants is writhing with shame onto a podium, and the others, like slavers, choose their "unique one", poring over presented herd of females. We can't imagine anything more humiliating and caddish than such a presentation.

Individual tours

We provide tours to Kyiv and tours to Ukraine.

We offer individual tours for serious men interested in finding a life partner in Kyiv. It is possible to organize such a trip for small groups (2-3 persons) of men as well. Our plan is calculated for 5-7 days and its goal is finding one or several ladies with whom the individual will further develop relationships which will lead to marriage.

  1. We send you the invitation so that you can receive Ukrainian visa for the trip from the Ukrainian embassy or consulate in your country. As an option: you may receive the visa at the Kyiv airport when you come; for citizens of the countries where Ukrainian consulate or embassy exists its price then will be more expensive (additional €60), but in this case you are completely relieved of losses of your time and energy for various formalities, contacts and correspondence with Ukrainian diplomatic bureaucracy.
  2. During the first 1-2 days of your trip you may visit several local marriage agencies where you will be able to choose from hundreds and hundreds of marriage-oriented ladies the ones who may be interesting for you. If you come with already received contact data of the ladies, we'll arrange your meetings with them before your arrival, and you may begin to meet them even the day of your coming.
  3. During the next 1-2 days you meet personally the ladies who have attracted your interest. The meeting will take place in a cafe or park and will last about one hour.
  4. You may pass your remaining time with the lady of your interest: excursions, picnics, theaters, restaurants, concerts...
    Maybe you don't want to come having not a concrete object of interest? If you didn't find your "one" there, we can advice you several Kyiv agencies with which we are in a very good contact. Our agency has more than 3000 ladies in the databases, we do a very good job and know our ladies-clients like a mindful mama knows her daughters. There you may find somebody who piques your interest, and we can arrange your virtual contact with her before your visit, so that you come to a real lady of your dream.

We invite you to Kyiv

Days Cost
3 €625
7 €1200
10 €1500
14 €1700
15 and more by agreement

In the cost of the tour are included:

  • help with opening a Tourist Visa;
  • insurance covering the time you spend in Kyiv;
  • meeting you at "Borispil" airport or at railroad station and accompanying you to the place of your residence;
  • personal secretary-interpreter for 8 hours a day during the whole time of your visit;
  • staying at hotel or at 2-room apartment in the center of city with a double bed and a phone;
  • breakfast and lunch;
  • services (cleaning, laundry, shopping, booking the tickets);
  • personal meetings with ladies from our Club.
  • Visit to National Opera Theater.
  • Visit to circus (performance).
  • Visit to the Zoo.
  • Attending historical places and other cultural measures.
  • Concert program.
  • Ship-walk by Dnipro River. In case of successful unit we assist in document preparation for going abroad.

The payment for the tour – after your arrival in Kyiv office or bank transfer. Contact us for reservations and for any additional details.

Anastasia Tours

Also we provide Anastasia Tours – tours of our partner Anastasia International to Ukraine and Russia. While we provide tours to Ukraine only, Anastasia conduct tours also to Russia, and you may take tour to different cities of Ukraine and Russia.

During Anastasia Socials you can meet more ladies with us in one evening than you could meet in months with another service. Typically there will be 10-25 ladies for every man in attendance. Picture yourself surrounded by several hundred beautiful and receptive Russian Ladies (for whom marriage to a Western man is a dream come true) in a dignified, yet friendly social setting. 50-70% of our gentlemen clients will become engaged or married after participating in one of our tours.

Learn more about Anastasia Tours and ORDER LIVE TOUR VIDEO TODAY.

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