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24th of August is Independence Day of Ukraine. We congratulate all Ukrainian people!


We congratulate all our ladies, clients and partners with New Year and Christmas, and wish you to find your true love in 2020 year!


There are many new profiles in our catalog. Women of all age ranges, so every man can find appropriate woman.


We congratulate all our ladies, clients and partners with New Year and Christmas, and wish you to find your true love in 2019 year!

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About Kyiv

Our agency is named Bridge of Love. We are located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Vikings sailed from their homes in Scandinavia, down the Dnipro River to ancient Byzantine. Some of them settled in our beautiful city of Kyiv almost 1600 years ago. Our country is located in the very center of Europe, at the crossroads of ancient trade routes.

The famous beauty of Ukrainian ladies reflects the heritage of the settlers,who over the centuries met and married into the local population, becoming a people who we know today as Ukrainians.

Photo of Kyiv

There are cities that symbolize a nation. Kyiv is the soul of Ukraine, it plays a key part in the history of this country.

The beginning of Kyiv's history was both symbolic and life asserting here, on a steep hill the Holy Apostle Andrew raised a cross and predicted the establishment of a great city.

Photo of KyivFor almost 300 years Kyiv was the center of Kyiv Rus, a mighty Eastern Slavic state whose territory spread from the Western Buh to the Volga, from the Black Sea shores to the Baltic. It was a shield that protected Europe from the invasions of savage nomads. Hordes of invaders poured into our nation for centuries, but every time they were turned back by the Slavic stronghold. The Kyiv Rus' state disintegrated in the 12th-13th centuries and some of its territory came under the rule of Muscowy, Byelorussia and Poland.

One can only imagine what Kyiv would have become if not for the continuing invasions that began in 1240 by roaming Mongol Tatars and continued for 700 years, including the Nazis occupation in World War II. The German destroyed 40% of the city, and the retreating Soviets destroyed much of Khreshchatyk Street, the main street of Kyiv. Hundreds of churches and cathedrals, architectural and historical masterpieces, were blown up by the 1920's and 1930's.

Kyiv once the holy center of Rus, now the capital of Ukraine, it stretches on the high hills along the Dnipro, rivaling the oldest and most charming cities of Europe. Every epoch left its mark here. Even the great Tatar invasion that shook the civilized world in the 13th c. was unable to wipe it off the face of the earth. Beginning in the 17th c., Kyiv once again turned into a leading spiritual and cultural center. Glorious pages of the past and staggering current realities seem to have merged into a single, inimitable whole of this ancient, yet ever so youthful city.

Photo of Kyiv Kyiv is biggest political, industrial, cultural and scientific center. The population of Kyiv is over 3 million, the same as Rome, Paris and Madrid. One of the most beautiful cities of the world, Kyiv is covered in a sea of greenery, which can be seen everywhere – in its many parks, boulevards and gardens. Most of its streets are lined with trees and many of the streets look like parks. Today Kyiv is a beautiful blend of charming medieval vestiges, relics of the heroic modern history, but grounded in the reality of our day. Kyiv is beautiful in May at chestnut blossom time, or in October, when leaves turn colors.

At every corner you will find beautiful historic sites. A unique outdoor museum of folk Ukrainian architecture occupies many acres.You can go down into underground caves in Lavra Orthodox monastery with a candle in your palms or visit the National Opera Theatre, which rivals the best European opera houses.

We are witnessing a great time in Kyiv's and in Ukraine's history now, changes are taking place at an amazing pace. Include visiting Kyiv in your plans!

It is a modern city, the cleanest and the safest of all the large FSU cities. Things are much cheaper here than in Moscow or St.Petersburg. No traffic problems, easy to get around the city, a modern international airport, hotels, restaurants. All modern communication equipment is available (computers, internet service, telephone service to every country in the world). The Ukrainians are very friendly, and many of them speak English. Don't be afraid to be lost in the center of Kyiv!

Photo of Kyiv Our agency helps a lot of men meet the nicest ladies in our city. We take care of our clients. We can register your passport and have it back to you with-in two hours in most cases, pick you up and deliver you to the International and local airports, as well as the train station and bus terminals. Interpreting, sightseeing, drivers, guides, reservations for restaurants, tickets for ballet and opera, acquiring telephone cards and many other things. We try to save our clients' money and always negotiate the best bargains from taxi's and gypsy taxi's (who often try to charge Westerners twice the normal rate).

We check the accuracy of your bills in restaurants, hotels, and/or other public places.We will instruct you on how to use the telephone cards and help you get the best telephone card for your needs, often allowing you the chance to call home at savings of 60-75% we will inform you about the location of Internet cafes and how to use them, ATM's, that pass out dollars, not hgrivnas (the Ukraine currency). You can stay in a good hotel for foreigners, but most of our clients prefer to live in the nice apartments, which we rent for them. Our apartments are in the city center, within 10 minutes walk of Khreshchatyk street or in Khreshchatyk. They are safe, secure, clean and not expensive.

We will be happy to see you in our wonderful city and work to make your visit to Ukraine the most pleasant visit possible!

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