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24th of August is Independence Day of Ukraine. We congratulate all Ukrainian people!


We congratulate all our ladies, clients and partners with New Year and Christmas, and wish you to find your true love in 2020 year!


There are many new profiles in our catalog. Women of all age ranges, so every man can find appropriate woman.


We congratulate all our ladies, clients and partners with New Year and Christmas, and wish you to find your true love in 2019 year!

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About Ukraine

Photo of Kyiv Discover a new country in the center of Europe!

Ukraine, an independent country since 1991, is a former republic of the USSR. Home to 50 million people, Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, south of Russia and east of Poland. In terms of land, Ukraine is a large country, larger than any western European country such as France, Germany, Italy or Spain. Ukraine has history more then 1600 years.

The total area of Ukraine is 603,700 sq. km (compare the area of France – 551,000 sq. km, Germany – 356,000 sq. km, Great Britain – 244,000 sq. km, Italy – 301,000 sq. km, Spain – 505,000 sq. km). The population of Ukraine is 50 million (Germany – 78 million, France – 56 million, Great Britain – 58 million, Italy – 59 million, Spain – 40 million). The area spanned in a west-east direction is 1300 km, from north to south – 900 km.

Despite problems that affect all newly-independent nations, Ukraine is the most stable and peaceful state of all the former republics of the USSR. In an effort to rebuild the country Ukraine has opened its' doors to foreign investors, businessmen, and tourists.

Photo of Kyiv

Photo of KyivUkraine is an undiscovered treasure a fascinating, convenient, and inexpensive destination. Visitors can spend their holidays here and become acquainted with the history and culture of the Ukrainian people, visit the churches and architectural monuments of a thousand-year-old culture, and explore our many resorts and spas.

The climate of Ukraine is moderate-continental and in the southernmost region of the Crimea climate is subtropical. The largest river of Ukraine is the Dnipro, which is 2285 km is length, of which 981 km glow through Ukraine.

The largest mountain system in Ukraine is the Carpathian Mountains which extend for more than 240 km and are 100-110 km wide. The highest pear is the Hoverla – 2061 m.

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