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24th of August is Independence Day of Ukraine. We congratulate all Ukrainian people!


We congratulate all our ladies, clients and partners with New Year and Christmas, and wish you to find your true love in 2020 year!


There are many new profiles in our catalog. Women of all age ranges, so every man can find appropriate woman.


We congratulate all our ladies, clients and partners with New Year and Christmas, and wish you to find your true love in 2019 year!

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Total women's forms in online catalog: 869.

Total amount of women's forms reviews: 2936358.

From time of our site's opening 265 woman of our agency has been married.

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What our clients say about us

Mark wrote:

Before coming to the to the tour, I had written some of the women on the web site, and decided on which ones to meet at the social. One of the women was Anzhelika. You brought her to the social to meet me, and I am forever thankful that you did so. I know that you care for the women that are in your agency, and I know that many men come to the Ukraine just to have fun with the women, make them promises and then go home.

After meeting Anzhelika in person, I knew I wanted to concentrate on building a relationship with her, so I decided that I would not go out on any more dates with any of the other women I had contacted, and would not talk to anyone else at the social. Anzhelika and I spent the rest of the Anastasia tour together, and we grew very close. We continued our relationship when I returned home and we began planning the process for the fiancee visa, as when I was in Kiev, I asked her to marry me.

Tamara, I have you to thank for bringing Anzhelika to the social, I still remember when you walked up to me and asked me if I was Mark, and you introduced yourself. And then you introduced me to the most wonderful woman that I have now in my life. I can only tell you how happy that I have become and how bright our future looks, and I have you to thank very much for this! I know you look out for the women, and encourage them to write men, instead of holding on to sometimes false promises of coming back to visit, or marriage, and then once they come back to the U.S. they forget all about the woman they left in the Ukraine. But I can assure you this, I will never walk away from Anzhelika, the paperwork and the visa process are very real and have begun, and I will promise you that I will always love and take care of Anzhelika and her daughter, for the rest of our lives.

I know that I can thank you, and when Anzhelika and I are married in a few months, we both talked of sending our wedding pictures to you also to share our happiness. And also if you wished to show them to others, you can tell them how you brought happiness to two people from very distant places! You can tell them that love may sometimes be across distances, but if you search, it is there somewhere for you to find. I have much respect that you are concerned for the happiness of the women you represent, and that you look out for their happiness, but you will never have to worry about Anzhelika's happiness. I will make sure that her heart is always happy and filled with the love and respect that she deserves, and that her daughter grows up in a home filled with love.

Thank you again for your help in bringing us together, and I will keep you informed of how the process is going. If there is anything I can ever do to help you or if you need a reference for a client, I will be happy to do so, as you certainly helped bring to hearts together, and I'm sure you will do it for many more!

Bill wrote:

Most especially, thank you for your kind attention to me while I was in Kiev - your guidance and introductions were very special for me and I thank you for this (from my heart). I kiss you for your attention to me.

All of the girls I met (with your help) were wonderful, and very special, but each in a different way. I believe that I will eventually marry a woman from Ukraine (perhaps with your help!). I am not interested in American women at all now. Women from the Ukraine and Russia have very unique qualities which are different from American women - and I believe a good match for me.

Anton wrote:

Congratulations! What a beautiful web site! I wish you all the luck and good fortune with your agency!

To my opinion, the unique selling point of the web site is the quantity of photo's in every profile. I don't know of any other site who presents ladies in such a good manner.

Steve wrote:

I wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had with Tamara Dokukina who runs the Bridge of Love agency in Kiev.

I met her and she introduced me to some ladies. Tamara was a source of good judgment, motherly advice, and she took very good care of me during my visit to Kiev. She is an expert in regard to affairs of the heart. I give her and her agency my strongest recommendation.

Robert wrote:

I met one woman from Kiev connections, several from catalogs brought to a meeting by a nice motherly kind of woman named Tamara.

Tamara is like a "mother". she looks after her girls as best she can and I think she genuinely hopes everyone finds happiness.

Alain from France wrote:

I would like to send you a huge thank you to you and Lina. You were very perfect with me and I will recommend you to my friends, which are single. I sent also a message to Patrick telling what every thing was perfect with you. I hope to see you again, but I hope that this time I will not be single anymore.

Robert wrote:

It is nice to make contact again with you after one year. So hopefully now you have deleted my profile from your system, as I am committed and married to a lovely Ukrainian woman. And that is good because last year, my Lena became aware of one of your parties (co-organized with the American group) - and that is where we met.

So I am grateful to your parties that allowed us to met. Now my Lena and I have committed ourselves to one another, and our love is growing for one another. I thank you again for encouraging Lena to go to that party.

Steve wrote:

I had a wonderful 2-day visit in Kiev and met the owner of this company. She is wonderful and genuine. I highly recommend her. I will be back to continue my search. Two days is not long enough, you need at least 5-7 days.

Jan wrote:

Just want to say millions thanks to the owner of this website, Tamara! You are not only very helpful, you are also very correct and honest. Other agency´s have much to learn from you Tamara. I found my dream woman with your help and I can just highly recommend others to speak with Tamara. She will help and assist from the bottom of her heart!

Ivan wrote:

Hello Tamara! I visited your office several days ago with my translator. Now I'm back in Texas and I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Marina. She is a wonderful girl, at first I had decided this is the woman I want to have a serious relationship with. I had asked Marina to marry me and she said yes! Nevertheless there's been a few problems but nothing that will stop me from bringing Marina to Texas with me and give her the love and better life she deserves.

I thank you for the great service and the wonderful attention your provided me, I will recommend your services to a friend of mine that will be visiting Ukraine next year. Thank you very much.

Michael wrote:

Dear Tamara.

It was a pleasure meeting you last month at your agency. You are a miracle worker! In just one short day, you arranged for me to meet two wonderful ladies. I had a great time with them and will forever remember that day. Thanks.

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